We're coming along, slowly but surely!

We're coming along, slowly but surely!

Ever have one of those days (or weeks, or months, even!) where it seems the harder you try to move fast the slower you actually go? Mother nature recently hit the homestead with some pretty good storms, and a number of trees on our property went down. The good news is: no one was injured, and that's always the most important outcome, obviously. The bad news is that the trees all managed to land on property of our neighbors (not one -- but several!) mostly damaging fences and other minor issues. Minor in many respects, but not minor in the time it took to get the trees removed and the repairs to property initiated to everyone's satisfaction!

We've been on this property since 1985 and this is -- by far -- the wettest spring (and now summer) we've ever witnessed! We're several miles from Lake Erie but if this rain doesn't taper off soon, we will probably have beachfront property in the near future.

Anyway, we're still adding items to our online store -- just not at the rate we'd hoped for. Hang in there, it will happen!  

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