Read Me First: About Jeff's Vintage Treasure

First of all, welcome to Jeff's Vintage Treasure!

While a relatively new entity as a stand-alone website (since 2019), Jeff's Vintage Treasure has been in the planning stages for several years. Some customers may have visited or purchased from Jeff's Vintage Treasure (known then simply as "Jeff's Treasure") while it was being tested on eBay.

Business conditions (more commonly referred to as "excessive workload") resulted in this site taking longer than expected to become reality (what doesn't these days?) but Jeff's Vintage Treasure is now ready to go. Note that if you're thinking of buying t-shirts, tops, or jackets, or ball caps, please refer to our drop-down menus for tips on obtaining the correct sizes. There's nothing more disappointing than ordering an item online and then finding out it doesn't fit as you'd hoped! Hopefully these suggestions will prevent that from happening.

With a dynamic leadership team, including 3 children and 8 grandchildren to keep them hopping, Jeff's Vintage Treasure (a division of Jeff's Treasure LLC) hopes to serve you in any means possible.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are most welcome. Please contact us at Know that we value and welcome your input and/or feedback.


      Jeff, with the best thing that ever happened to him (wife Patty)

                             February '18 @ Disney World.