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Twins Enterprise

Pittsburgh Pirates MLB Vintage Black Trim Cotton Ball Cap NOS by Twins Enterprise

Pittsburgh Pirates MLB Vintage Black Trim Cotton Ball Cap NOS by Twins Enterprise

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Pirate fans may remember this structured NOS dandy from around the turn of the century. Bleached white with the traditional logo "P" in the center, and with exceptional, raised embroidery, Twins Enterprise hit a homer with this baby. 100% cotton with black trim around the entire cap, the trim says "Pittsburgh" on both sides of the bill, and "Pirates" on the rear, just above the hook and loop adjustment strap. This ensures a great fit on any adult head, and this ball cap will not disappoint. It will make a great gift for that special Pirate fan, too! And, since we are in a "Go Bucs" frame of mind today, better get them while they're hot! Note: While re-photographing these hats, we noted some areas with a very slight "bleed through" from the yellowish "Twins" and MLB labels inside the cap. They are slight enough that it is difficult for the camera to pick up, but they do exist. It doesn't impact the attractiveness of the cap, but we wanted you to know. This is no doubt a byproduct of having been stored for 2+ decades... 

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A good percentage of our products are what is often referred to as "New Old Stock" (NOS) which essentially means that while it may have been manufactured decades ago, it has never been opened and/or removed from the original packaging (except for photos in some instances).

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