How Do I Know What Size Tee Shirt to Order?

Let's try to save you from some of that so-called "buyer's stress", my friend. While it would be great for us if you wanted to play it safe and buy one of each size of tee that we offer, that's not exactly cost-effective for you. Besides, we really like you, and want to help, so this is what we suggest: Grab one of your favorite t-shirts (one that fits you nicely) and lay that guy out on a flat surface. As outlined in the diagram below, measure the width from just below the arm-pit (hopefully, for your sake, this shirt has been washed recently) straight across the chest to just below the arm-pit on the other side. Remember this number as the "Chest" number. (You could probably call it the "Arm-pit number," but "Chest" does sound a little more dignified, agreed?) 

Any questions? No? Good. Let's continue (before you forget that first number). Now, measure the distance from the highest point on your shirt to the bottom of the tee.That's your second number, the "Length."


So far, so good. Remember your numbers for the Chest as well as the Length. Compare them to our measurements for the shirt(s) you are interested in. The shirt you order from us will be the one closest to your Chest and Length measurements. And if you ever have any doubt as to which size to choose if you're smack dab in the middle between two sizes, always opt for the larger size. (See below). Trust us on that one!

NOTE: It's very important to note that cotton tee shirts will shrink with washing, especially after using a dryer. Whenever there's any doubt as to the size that will work best for you, the rule-of-thumb is to go to the next larger size, otherwise you may feel like you're in a straightjacket once a smaller shirt is washed!